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Major Regional Events

scientific consensus is that the current population expansion and accompanying increase in usage of resources is linked to threats to the ecosystem. Wikipedia

holy city to the three main Abrahamic religions—Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Sstatus of Jerusalem remains one of the core issues in the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. Wikipedia

Reformed Libya eyes eco-tourist boom
Gaddafi's son unveiled a £1.5bn ($3bn) plan aimed at safeguarding Libya's archaeological sites & preventing overdevelopment of its Mediterranean coast. BBC World News
Libya Eco Tourism
Tourism 'harming Egyptian sites'
Tourism is damaging Egypt's ancient cultural sites and placing them at serious risk, experts have warned. BBC World News
Egypt Tourism Harm
1st Century A.D.
79 Mount Vesuvius Erupted covering Pompeii & Herculaneum.
1st Century BC
4th Millennium B.C.
3200 Civilization is said to have begun at Sumer.
4th Millenium BC

Welcome to the History page : Ancient & Contemporary

To fully understand the significance of what has been discovered utilizing satellite imagery, it is vital to consider an historical timeline from ancient-modern times.
Significance events and players in history in the region might become more relevant when considering a more connected record as well as a far greater span in time.




Pre Mason Regional History

Last Updated : November 16, 2010


North African, Mediterranean Coastal Desert Plains ReVisited

*It is important to understand, there is no comparison to any known ancient alphabet, culture, symbology or artistic style. Not to mention that there is NO mention of ANY culture OR civilization prior to ancient Libyans in this area knowledgeable in high technology and/or of masonry.

If we can not define this unique and extra-historical culture; we can certainly define around it, to better understand and determine its proper place in the known historical and scientific record of Earth. What can immediately be determined is that several primary 'ancient' cultures have atleast buffered this region: Egytpian, Greek, Libyan and possibly any Mediterranean Sea cultures.

Also important to attempt understanding is the geological record as there appears to have been an immense river basin perhaps rivaling the Nile Delta at the Bay of As Sallum. It is supposed that the coastline has not so much shifted as has eroded and or the beach level has risen to create a desert climate in the current epoch.

Finally, taking into account the state of affairs regarding contemporary Nations and Leaders, as well as predicted climate changes, we might be able to get a glimpse of the future of this area.

* The following hisorical data are presented primarily as an introduction to the regional topic!




Major Regional People(s)

Westward Border Stilt Geo Glyphs
Ancient Libyans
region west of the Nile Valley generally corresponding to modern Northwest Africa. Climate changes affected the locations of the settlements. Wikipedia
Quarry Pulley Sled Geo Glyphs
Ancient Egyptians
of eastern North Africa, along the lower reaches of the Nile River and part of the Nile Valley Civilizations, regions south of Egypt (in today's Sudan, Eritrea, Somalia, and Ethiopia). Wikipedia
Zahi Hawass
Zahi Hawass زاهي حواس
an Egyptian archaeologist, an Egyptologist and the Vice Minister of Culture in Egypt. Wikipedia
Muammar al-Gaddaf
Muammar al-Gaddafi معمر القذافـي
de facto leader of Libya since a coup in 1969; longest-serving ruler since Ali Pasha Al Karamanli, 1754 - 1795. Wikipedia
Regional Inhabitants
Regional Inhabitants
Bardiya, Bardia, or El Burdi (Arabic: البردية or البردي‎) is a Mediterranean seaport in Al Butnan District of eastern Libya. Bardia is the location of a unique mural created during World War II, a favorite site to visit by tourists, known as the Bardia Mural. Wikipedia
Bloogers & Twitter
Bloggers & Twitter
usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. Wikipedia